Rise With Jackie

Healing for the Mind, Body & Soul


Reiki is a safe and gentle energy healing technique intended to heal the body on all levels (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) by increasing the levels of Ki (life-force) in the body. Reiki flows into the practitioner and out through their hand’s into the receiver using a variety of hand positions. The amount of Ki one has in their physical and energetic Being will determine the quality of one’s quality of health.

Reiki has many benefits including stress and anxiety relief, pain reduction, remove energetic blockages, strengthens connection between the mind, body & spirit, releases toxins, relaxes tense muscles and helps to cleanse/clear/open the chakras and aura.


Disclaimer: Reiki & sound healing do not replace medical treatment. They are a means of supporting and complementing medical treatment. Seek medical advice from a qualified medical practitioner if you have any ailments or dis-ease.